V360Tech On-Line

What’s this about?

This is my (V360) personal site! This is a home for random blog posts, HTML experiments, and more! I had a janky old GitHub site, but I’m considering everything on that site to be deprecated.

Anyway, watch this space! Or not! I won’t really have much to show off anyway…

Q & A!!!

Why are you named V360?
It’s a funny story actually! It’s funny because it’s incredibly mundane. I took the first initial of my “real” name and however many degrees were in a circle, and I combined them! It was such a stupid idea so brilliant that I’ve kept the username for over 10 years now. Apparently I’m also a Motorola phone?
What do you like?
Video games! And pizza! And %THIRD_GENERIC_ITEM%! Jokes aside, I like casual video games and doing a bit of programming every once in a while. I’ve recently got into extremely bad art and extremely mediocre writing. I’ve been trying to get into anime too, but I haven’t had the time…
What do you dislike?
The modern web! And being visible in real life! And sausage pizza!
Played any good games lately?
Ooh! You’re gonna want to watch my blog for stuff like that! I’m still writing this one post about my thoughts on Splatoon. It might take a bit… not because I have a lot to say, just because I’m bad at writing. Meanwhile, I highly recommend: Anodyne 2 and HexCells.
Eaten any good pizza lately?
I’m several states away from my favorite pizza place… And I haven’t been there in years due to the apocalypse and scheduling conflicts…
I feel like I’ve been asked this before. Hm.
Well, that’s all the time we have today, g’night folks!
Wait, what? But I was just going to talk about REALLY GREAT RPG 2!

Get your own free web site at Neocities.org! They don’t actually force you to have this footer, but I think it adds to the vibe of this site okay.