V360Tech On-Line

What do you mean by “Junk”?

I mean a bunch of text files. They might be scripts that do one thing, or markov chain outputs I found interesting. It’s just junk that won’t be of use to many people, but junk I want to be available online.

HTML Pages

These are pages, written in HTML and usually JavaScript-enabled! They’ll mainly be small utilities.

Blaseball Player Card Generator
My best attempt at making a Blaseball player card generator. Wasn’t finished.

User Styles

These are user styles, written in CSS! For use with stuff like Stylus.

Twitter Alt Text - v5
For Twitter, the website. Displays alt text (if any) when hovering over tweet media. Code stolen from here and here. Yeehaw. What do I write here.
Discord “AMOLED” Theme - v5
For Discord, the website. Force Discord’s dark theme to have a completely black background. Plus, everything’s square. Plus some other things.

User Scripts

These are user scripts, written in JavaScript! Use these with something like GreaseMonkey, or inject them into pages the good ol’ fashioned way.

Immediately Leave crates.io - v1
For crates.io, the website. Redirects over to lib.rs, which loads faster. Incredibly useful for those pesky crates.io badges people put on their crates.
Human-Readable File Sizes on Internet Archive - v1
For Archive.org, the website. Formats the file sizes on the downloads list to be human-readable stuff like 1.5 MiB instead of a really long number. You can still see the long number if you want, by hovering.


These are bookmarklets, written in JavaScript! You add them to your bookmarks, then run them with a single click. They aim to make web browsing a bit less painful. Bookmarklets are not without security risk; do feel free to check each one before running it!

I’ve found that an easy way to look at them is with the Firefox F12 console’s “multi-line editor” mode. It has a code prettifier button – and if you drag one of the links into the pane, it’ll paste the code in one fell swoop!

The hyperlinks are not links to download pages – they’re the programs themselves! If you click one, it will run the script!


Center Document - v1
Centers a document. If it’s too narrow/wide, change the number maxWidth is set to.
Pop Out into Minimal Window - v1
Summons a pop-up of the current document with hopefully less chrome than usual.
Checkbox Queries - v1
Inserts a checkbox before each thing that satisfies the CSS query on a page.


Discord - Light Sidebar - v1
I think it’s foolish of Discord to not allow light sidebar on dark theme. I’ve fixed it for them. I think they should pay me a billion kajillion dollars.
YouTube - Toggle FullWindow - v3
Use this on YouTube to toggle between the normal player and what I have dubbed “FullWindow” (the embedded player without an iframe)
Twitter - Dismiss Topics - v2
Use this on Twitter to get rate limited, probably. It clicks the “Not Interested” button on any topics that don’t have any relation to the WHITELIST defined at the start. I made this because I’m petty and I hate Twitter. May be extended in the future to dismiss “Who to Follow”, too.

“Why are User Scripts and Bookmarklets separate?”

I feel Bookmarklets are more for acting on a page, and User Scripts are more for reconfiguring a page. The latter is already decided upon arrival to the page.